In this section of our website we have compiled recommendations on how to choose the right door, as well as quickly and safely order it directly from our company.




material selection

In this section, you need to choose the material that will be covered with a metal frame door.

Make your choice by clicking the mouse cursor on the name of the material under the photo.


Сolor selection

The next step after selecting the cladding material will be the choice of the color of paints (OAK) or colored PVC membrane (MDF).

Also in this section, you have to choose the color of the installed hardware on the door (pad on the lock, armor plate, ring on armor plate, handle, peephole ), also the color of the lattice , if it is a door with glass .

ATTENTION!!! The color of the outer and inner lining of the door selected separately.


Select a size

In this section, you need to specify the mounting dimensions of the door frame.

If this single door, click the mouse on the size you want from the first column if the two-leaf, select the size of the second column, if among the standard sizes is not suitable for you, enter the desired dimensions in the height and width for the third image.


series selection

Series - the most important point when choosing the door!

In this section, you will need to get acquainted with the comparative table of the series, since each series has a certain distinction for resistance to cracking, thermal conductivity, sound insulation. The above series - higher performance.


selection of the opening side

In this section, you need to specify the door opening side (left or right), as well as choose a open type (external or internal opening).


select an extra complecting

In this section you can add our proposed packaging series, such as replacing the cylinder, establishing armor plate of company "Mottura" or extra point door locking (3A and 4A mechanics).