Vive la France
Model - DI VETRO B 16.5
You should be impressed with an endless perspective ...
Bauen Wohnen Renovieren Energie
Magic of touch
Welcome in the new year
Happy new year!
Enjoying of rational lines and luxury...
Our History
The difference is still THERE!
Luxurious oak doors for sophisticated connoisseurs ...
Our recommendations for installation of door blocks.
The unbeatability of a door from an oak massif can not be overestimated...
The difference in each detail!
Gothic style in unbeatable white color
Exhibition Branchentag Holz Koelnmesse
Presentation of Model B 10.6
Presentation of model – D 10.8
The difference is still THERE!
Presentation of Collection "Cythera".
Model – A 17.4
We are delighted to introduce to you our partners - O.M.R Moia (Torino, Piedmont, Italy)
Presentation of Collection "Cythera".
Model – A 17.22
We are delighted to present to you our new partners - Azzi Fausto - Lombardia, Italy.
Presentation of New Collection "Cythera".
Model – А 17.3
Gothic in the XXI st century ....
The difference is still THERE!
Dimensional refinement in combination with home comfort
Harmony of the completed work
Presentation of New Collection "Cythera"
Model – A 17.13
Happy Independence Day of Ukraine and the Day of the State Flag!
Introduction of the New Trademark of the company Berislav - Daleth Home
First Look At New Collection
Presentation of New Collection "Cythera"
Model – A 17.6
Presentation of New Collection "Cythera"
Model – A 17.9
Presentation of New Collection "Cythera"
Model – A 17.10
Presentation of New Collection "Cythera"
Model – A 17.11
Fresh look at the classics
Symphony of classical collections
Feast of Ukrainian embroidery
We realize your dreams
Company "Berislav" doors technologies congratulates you with great Easter!
Feel the breath of spring with "Berislav" doors technologies
Beauty that can not be touched

Incredible luxury and grandeur of the oak array in combination with a masterpiece of hand-forged hiding in a double-glazed window...


You are an embodied of tenderness of beauty,
Undoubted victory emdodiment you are!

he birth of the "Berislav" universe

Here is the process of the birth of a skilled design solution for the decoration of interior of our official saloon. To decorate of our living room is created incredible mandala pattern, striking for its beauty and the semantic content. This geometric pattern of complex structure, expressed the desire for integrity and embodies the model of the universe. The finished version of the mandala will be the starting cluster of energy forces, aimed to strike a balance and eliminate the internal divisions and conflicts, giving harmony and peace of mind.

"Primavera" in a classic options

A special collection of "Primavera" was supplemented with more restrained but no less sophisticated versions of doors in pastel colors. This line...

The uniqueness of the non-standard sizes

Filled with customized sesquialteral doors of oak array with two skillful decorated masterpieces of hardened steel windows. They grace...

Grand oak
Vittorio - the embodiment of beauty.

Luxury sesquialteral doors executed in the style of a special collection of Vittorio. Respectable image is complemented by smooth lines shaped...

Fascinating east

Fascinate intertwining white and gold in harmony with the graceful lines recreates the unique east style...

Divine tree

Great combination of oak inherent power, grandeur and elegance with safety lines. Created by master, refined painting becomes a work of art on...

White oak

Fascinating white is a symbol of peace in which fading paint and material properties are lost. White color makes the rustling in the...

The splendor of the handmade and the magic of green.
Finest combination of Black and Gold meant to be luxury
Symphony of luxury and white color.
Opening of corporate salon in Kiev

We are pleased to inform you about the opening of the first corporate saloon "Berislav" of factory in Kiev. We offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with samples of submitted doors one's own eyes. Our experts will help you to choose a product that will satisfy the desires of each client, emphasize its individuality, keep the balance and harmony in the interior, and become a reliable protection of your personal space...

Exclusive Collection!

Embroidery - the latest name of national Ukrainian shirt, decorated with ornamented with embroidery. An...

Discussio mater veritas est

Despite the disputes and contradictions, rejecting established norms and laws in the creative chaos born doors...

New catalog

Dear dealers and partners of the company "Berislav" Doors Technologies. We are glad to present you our new collection 2015, and new catalog, which has been developed with the utmost care and in the near future will have all of you in printed form, and yet offer to download an electronic version of for your reference.

Baku opened a representative office "Berislav"

In June 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, the opening of another foreign representation "Berislav". At the store...

Launching a New Website

Dear customers, partners and colleagues! We are pleased to announce the update of the site...


Attention!!! On 18.05.2015. in a constructive...

Launched a new series of M-0 doors

After examining the client's needs, analyzing the market of production and sale of doors on the territory of Ukraine...


Products manufactured by our company is certified according to all standards of Ukraine, and the European "CE"...


Dear dealers and partners of the company "Berislav" Doors Technologies. We are glad to present you our collections, and catalog.

Fire Test - PASSED!!!

Dear dealers, partners and consumers of the company "Berislav" Doors Technologies, we want to congratulate you, and...


Hello Dear Dealers and Partners of Company "Berislav" Doors Technologies! We...

Our partners, the city of Astana, Kazakhstan.
RQ "Milan quarter"
Our partners, the city of Astana, Kazakhstan.
RQ "Parisian Quarter"
Our partners, the city of Astana, Kazakhstan.
Nazarbayev University