About us

In 2000, in the south of Ukraine, our company was held in the historic town of Berislav.

The area where the company is now "Berislav" Doors Technologies, its history goes into the depth of centuries. Here is the crossing of the Dnieper, for the possession of which there was a fierce struggle over the millennia. It was the gateway to Asia and access to the Black Sea, it was the door that unites the nations in the space and time.Symbolically that this place was organized production of entrance doors.

Today, the company "Berislav" Doors Technologies is a leader in the Ukrainian market, a specialized enterprise with powerful production capabilities. Due to the non-standard innovative solutions and high quality products, we can meet any requirements of our customers.

The brand of "Berislav" Doors Technologies is aimed at a wide audience. Our product range includes more than a thousand models of precious wood and artificial materials. To finish doors, we use hand-carving, artistic forging and glazing elements.

The company's products "Berislav" Doors Technologies successfully implemented not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also in many cities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova.

About production

Company "Berislav" Doors Technologies - a modern production input of metal doors. We have taken a worthy place in the market due to the non-standard innovative solutions and high quality of daily work.

The products are manufactured using modern equipment and highly skilled workers.

For the production of doors we purchase materials and components of the highest quality from responsible manufacturers.

The quality control system is set up at each stage of production, from material procurement to finished goods transportation.

Products Certification "Berislav" Doors Technologies is certified by the state system of Ukraine "UkrSEPRO", "Metal doors shock input category 1 strength against cracking with fire resistance limit of one hour.